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Sell, Selling Goldjewellery, Toothgold, Teethgold, Goldcoins Precious Metal Buyer hamburg Germany

Welcome to Trauschmuck Sperling GmbH your partner in serious and professional purchase of precious metals and gold
We have been buying gold and precious metals in small quantities for 6 years and since 2007 we are professionally on the market.

Selling Gold - What do we buy?

  • Fine gold - gold bars and coin gold
  • old gold - gold jewellery, old jewellery, rings, chains (333er, 999er or 8k.-24k.)
  • break gold - Broken gold, gold waste, scratched Gold, gold to separate, other alloys
  • we purchase all types! - white, red gold, yellow gold and green gold
  • dental gold - dental alloys, gold teeth, crowns, fractions, inlays, filings, alloy strips, casting cones (We ONLY compensate the net weight of the gold, without dental ceramic fragments)
  • gold waste - separating gold, gold granules (from 100g on), industrial, powder, etc.
  • Fine - silver ingots, coin silver
  • Old silver - silverware, silver jewellery, items such as dishes, candleholders, etc. (Please refer to authenticity stamp as 800, 835, 925, 999 - sterling silver)
  • Platinum - platinum jewellery and platinum bars, coins, platinum wire, sheets, etc.
  • Our German Version of this webpage you can find under Goldankauf

  • Who sells gold or precious metals to us? - Gold collectors, or Goldankauf in german called are persons who want to sell their jewellery, old gold tooth, or other types of gold to, purchaser and distributor, manufacturer of medical equipment companies and industrial laboratories as well as discount dental nurse and notaries
  • Gold sale is a matter of trust!
    The gold price is rising and where much gold is sold, there are unfortunately also repeatedly many fraudsters, who practice on the ignorance and exploit the seller. Take your time, studying the imprint of a website and look with whom you have to do! Take your time and compare prices, be aware of - any purchaser give only approximate indicative prices, the purchase price is usually the price on the day of arrival of goods at the purchaser, this is a professional approach. There are providers who give a fix price, which is much smaller than, for example our price and the price of some other serious gold-buying specialists.

    Our buying prices or rates
    You can find them on the right side furthermore we have created an online calculator with today's prices. Click on gold selling price for a detailed price list. We do not cost anything! We charge no melting material, storage or supply extra security costs Do you have any questions on gold sales by mail or postal mail? We can answer your questions! If you have questions or just need a personal conversation, call us or send us an email, or use our live support, we will promptly and as soon as possible even at the weekend answer your questions.

    No Extra Costs
    We standing for an transparent Price System, the Prices you see including all out Costs and we pay you out in Gramms what you see on the Page today.
    Click on the following Button for get more Information about the selling Process



Sie koennen bei uns Gold verkaufen Wir sind übrigens auch tätig im Zahngold Ankauf und Altgold Ankauf - gerne können Sie unsere weiteren Alt- Zahngold Ankauf Unterseiten besuchen und sich zu unseren Ankauf-preisen Informieren. Ebenso kaufen wir silber an auf Silber Ankauf Preis 


Jetzt Gold Verkaufen

Wir haben geöffnet von 11:00 - 18:00 Uhr

Goldankauf Silberankauf Diamantenankauf Bernsteinankauf gegen Bargeld direkt Vor Ort in HAMBURG und DEUTSCHLANDWEITER ANKAUF via Abholservice oder Post!

AKT. Ankaufspreise

1-5 Gr.:
6-1000 Gr.:
35.80 €/Gramm
34.80 €/Gramm
900er Gold 31.20 €/Gramm
750er Gold 25.17 €/Gramm
585er Gold 19.63 €/Gramm
333er Gold 11.18 €/Gramm
Silber 480.00 €/Kilo

Für wiederverkauflichen Schmuck zahlen wir bis 45.00 Euro je Feingramm

Act. purchase Price

Metal Cover Letter

Please set in each Postpackage
you send to us a filled
Preciusmetal Cover Letter.Metal Cover Letter