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Is the shipment of precious metals such as old gold, old jewelry, dental gold, laboratory gold, precious metal scrap or (waste) really safe? Fact is, in todays crime rates, it is securer to send precious metals on the postal routes than to sell personally to - ambiguous ominous look gold-buying shops.

The fact is - we speak from experience here, there are hundreds of thousands of daily mails shipped with valuable content - completely without any loss! for further infos in German please click Goldankauf

To assist you to stand by you and to take the last remaining fear, here are some tips.

Packaging material:

The safest way to send goods are "package pockets" or "air bags". For smaller quantities and parts, from 60 grams, we recommend sending Jewelry in a packet because of the security against damage. NOT recommended are normal envelopes are, this may partly be damaged during transport.

Larger materials, chains - sharp and bulky items such as old gold dental prosthesis, are always to be fixed firmly in the small package. The rest of the parcel of course should be upholstered. Coins and bars should be firmly seated in the package and have no room.

Material should not be "distorted" please do not be timid, we are experienced in unpacking!

Declaration of the mailing label:

Please write no terms such as consignment of gold, precious metals, gold traders, gold teeth, shipment value on the packaging or in the recipient's address. We can only recommend the delivery of packages, - if possible or if the value is required, even in the insured form. We offer, from 2500 Euro or more to you pick up the goods by a parcel service, or even insured value transportation "Please write us or call us..

Please always send to the following address:

Trauschmuck Sperling GmbH
Lübecker Straße 95
D-22087 Hamburg

Postal service (insured and uninsured):

  • POST / DPD
  • DHL
  • Hermes Versand
  • UPS
  • FedEx

Deliveries with considerable value:

ase contact us in advance to agree about!
a) better and detailed prices for you
b) choosing a reputable shipping via secure value transportation companies.

Deliveries of larger species (about 1KG) generally should always be notified in advance!