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Sell to us Bank-Tradable, as well as scratch and / or damaged gold bars. When the Material too much damage to the Godbarren (broken, bent) please note that we only paid for the melting rate may be what the 2.00 euro under the specified purchase prices Finegold. Your advantage in Trauschmuck Sperling? Sell gold for cash directly in our offices - or completely on the comfort way by post. Get within only 3 days from the time of arrival of the goods to your money , to the specified account or by Western Union adress u Choosed. No bank fees, no extra costs, no long waiting periods and test phases, on the money like you have to take at Banks.

We offer 3 possible ways of selling gold:

Way A)

Send the gold, precious metals immediately, purchase on basis of a daily, fair calculated purchase price of our house

  1. Pack in your jewelry carefully and send everything together with the Metal Cover Letter, by insured shipping (delivery only against signature) to the address mentioned in our imprint.
  2. Trauschmuck Sperling will confirm the receipt and contact you to confirm the receipt and to agree about the purchase and for final confirmation.
  3. You will get the agreed compensation on your bank account or by check or Western Union, or if you really should be dissatisfied with our purchase price, we will return all “goods” sent to us at your expense.

This is your advantage. quick and easy and it does not matter how far you live away from us!


Click HERE for Download the precius Metal Letter and if you dont have PDF for reading it please Click HERE

Way B)
You are insecure sending gold to us without having a fixed price? Secure a fixed purchase price before you are sending precious metals.
  1. You will get an individual, fixed price, by our staff, select the following number +49 (0)40 63609673 Monday to Friday 11:00 a.m.-18 o'clock. (Feel free to tell us your number on the answering machine or send via email, than we will call you to the desired time..
  2. Send your goods insured to us. When sending a package, send it by parcel service providers (DHL, UPS or Hermes), let insured goods pick up directly from your home. Abholungsantrag download
  3. Trauschmuck Sperling you will, to give you the receipt of the consignment to confirm, after examining the goods delivered Call. 4th You receive the agreed compensation to you specified account, or by check or Western Union delivered. (You choose the payment method)

Weg C)
Personal selling direct in Person
  1. Find our phone number and address in the Imprint
  2. A short telephone notification in advance of your visit is always beneficial
  3. We welcome you then with a warm coffee / tea in our office. You will receive the money immediately after a short examination of the goods.

Sell Gold Teeth

We give private same like commercial customers the option to sell dentalgold, such as dental bridges, crowns, inlays, and other Gusstiegel gold alloys and to offer in comparison to jewelers pledge or other places much better prices in the purchase. Trauschmuck Sperling has an easy to understand and transparent remuneration system. We buy dental gold alloys with and without ceramic adhesion and below prices paid per gram - without deduction of any costs such as fees melting, melting losses or other processing costs. Sell your dental gold not under the price, trade with us! Notice, for Dentallabors, Dentalmedicans, Dentists we can offer special conditions, from an ammount of 200 Grams of delivered Material we can give a Bonus, but please feel Free to ask for Your special Price. All costs like Tests, Melting Costs are included our prices

Gold Selling Prices

This shows our constantly updated buy-prices for selling Broken or old gold to Us. As such, we refer to all types of gold, bent coins, gold teeth, Old Scratched Gold etc. Do you sell in person in our Local Shop, or use our convenient purchase postal service and send us your oldgold / Brokengold by post, we will inform you after the standard tests and give you the price offer directly. Here you will find our daily updated gold, silver and platinum buying prices. Please note that these prices reflect the current daily rate, the actual purchase price (if sent by mail was sent in advance by phone and not a fixed agreed), will be the daily price on the day on which the product arrives here. Please consider that the gold price rises and falls steadily, thus the purchase price will be either higher or lower.

Gladly we will also make binding bids in advance. Especially in larger quantities where price losses can be better defined, we like to make a good, fair Goldankauf price this price will be fixed approximately one week.

Furthermore, we make from 200 grams on (fine gold, coin gold, old gold, broken gold, gold jewellery, gold teeth, etc.) an individual offer. Write to us! Right at the bottom of the page you will find our support form.